Day 3: A walk in the past!

Good Evening,

I’m sorry that my post is this late. But I had do much to do. This morning I finished the patterns for my next cosplay, and I just found out that the occasion for which I make it will be the last one happening. Also I had to clean the flat a little and do some cooking. And then I lost track of time, while playing the Sims. 

Since it was this late I didn’t went far. Well at least I thought. But in the end it took me two hours. And I thought why not visit some places I haven’t seen for the last 10 to 11 years. So here are some pictures.

This is our House of Youth a charitable organization, where children can spend their free time and get help with their homework or even have lunch. The outside is painted by the older children, with the help of the volunteers from the organization.

This is a sidewalk from our local court ( the building on the right). When I was younger my friend and me ran through here to get to the House of Youth to make some pottery. It was elegant and well taken care of, but now it looks like that.

This is an other part of the Korkenziehertrasse it connects the local court and the city hall. It got dark really fast and started to sleeting. And since I was walking with the dogs I had to hurry home. To be honest I hate the dark and panicked. I was so afraid, but the babies were more important. BUT I also got a reward for taking that way. I found this house.

I had to brighten it a bit since it was already this dark. 

I really love going out to take some photos, but since I can’t walk very far there might be occasions where I might visit places again. I hope you don’t mind. What are your plans for the upcoming year? And how do you stay motivated to go through with your New Years’ resolutions?


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