Day4: ill!

Good Evening, 

I just got up. Like some of you might know I walked in the sleeting yesterday and now I have a fever and really bad coughing. So I couldn’t go out today. But I hope I can go for a walk tomorrow. 

I know it’s been just three days and I already notice that I am not as fit and healthy as I thought I would be by now, but I guess I can’t dwell about it and have to keep trying. 

Also this means I haven’t taken any photos today and so I thought I ciuuld show you some photos from my last shooting in December. I sat most of the time and everyone helped me out a lot. 

The costume and the headpiece are done by me the wig is styled by me as well. The photo above is from Laecia Photography on Facebook.

This one is by VYNphoto on Facebook as well. And the last one is done by Minagraphy who is now called Lira Rose Photography.

So again I’m sorry for not showing you around. I will do my best to show you the botanic garden tomorrow.
Good night.


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