First morning in London


Yesterday morning we headed of to the airport and my sister started to have systems of the flu. It was very stressful only to get to the airport. At the airport everything seemed fine at first, but then!

Our flight was an hour and a half late. Then we could board the airplane and after half an hour we had to get out again. After an other one and half hour we had to get into a bus to be transported to an other airplane. After we boarded that one it took just an other half hour until we started. 

Due Due to the delay most of the passengers had cancelled their flight. And when the plane started to land I caught  these wonderful pictures. 

It was breath taking and beautiful. I have never seen anything like that. And the rest of the day we just spent in our room. My sister was still feeling sick and so I just went out to fetch some medicine and food for her. And after 48h without sleep I decided to call it a night as well.

Have you had problems with a flight before or some funny stories to share?

Have a day.


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