Wax,wax and an eye

Good evening,

This morning we used the fact that my sister was feeling a bit better and went to Madame Taussaud. We were lucky and there haven’t had been this many people yet. But they opened three quarter hours later than they should have. 

But anyways here is a video I took a proper version will be up once I returned home.

After Madame Tussaud we took the tube to Westminster city and I tried to take a photo of Big Ben, but I think this photo looks a bit off.

The photos I made later on where a bit better, but tomorrow I will get an other chance. So after the tube we headed towards London Eye.

After that we got something to eat and made a bus tour. The bus tour wasn’t that nice. You couldn’t really see something because most of the stuff that we could see were construction sides or he drove so fast that you couldn’t see it properly. 

But afterwards we had to cancel the rest of our day since my sister was already feeling sick again. I really hope it will get better tomorrow. 

Also we are still debating whether we visit the House of Parliament or Westminster Abbey since she is interested in neither. Which would you recommend?


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