Day 90: Back walking


Hello Lovelies,

it has been a while since I last have been walking to interesting places, but a lot has happened as well. After my trip to London I had to do an intership in a Kindergarden and had to sew like there was no tomorrow.

The internship went really well, BUT my mobil with all my photos from London has been stolen. They even stole my key with the photo from Madame Tussaud, which means I have no memory of the trip other than what I already posted and that was very little.

On the second day we first went into Westminster Abby and on our way to Westminster Bride I couldn’t resist my urge for a millionaire’s Square. And honestly I ate one each day just to compare them and because there is no place here where I could buy them. But the one I ate that day was the best one it was right after we left Westminster Abby and turned towards Big Ben. There was a small food truck and surprisingly THIS is the only photo I took with my camera.


The millionaire’s square were buttery, crumbly and not to sweet. The caramel was lightly salty and a bit on the darker side, which made it bitter and not to sweet. And to top it all off the chocolate was a dark, but very rich one. Melting on your tongue like creamy vanillaice.

After that we made a river cruse to London Bridge, but I have to say that it wasn’t a very pleasant one. The man that was supposed to tell us something about the sights noticed really fast that no one was able to understand him (or so he thought) and so he started to make fun about the guests and tourists in general he also made some comments about me and my sister since we were the only ones on board with a more weight on our hips. But unfortunately I am not one to cause a scene and like always I just took it.

But all was forgotten as e reached the London Tower. We stood infront of it and were again arguing if we should go inside or not, ’cause I wanted and my sister didn’t. She preferred the London Bridge. In the end we got to do both due to the wonderful present of one of the employees at the London Tower.

And last but not least we went to see the Borough Market and boy I have never seen a city with that many construction sides, but this might be since I live in a smaller town. I have to say if I had known what I knew after visiting the market, I wouldn’t have gone there. Nearly all the stalls were closed and we got lost. Maybe if we would have had more time it would have been a bit more interesting, but this way it wasn’t worth the way.

On the next day we had a bit of a lazy day Walking through China Town (it was the chinese New Year) and visiting Camden Market was everything we did. Also we had to pack our luggage and buy the last souvenirs.

BUT for a short….. for four days….. I was thinking of not going back. Everywhere we went they looked for employees and I felt so much at home that I am still crying by the thought of being home again. At the Airport (LHR) I was trying really hard not to cry, but when the plane set for the airfield I couldn’t hold it in any longer and started to cry like an idiot around a bunch of strangers. I was o embarrassed and then the flight attendant came over and asked me if I was alright and I just couldn’t explain it. And today I still can’t exlain why I feel so lost and if a part of me is just missing. I mean isn’t my main goal to move to Japan? So why am I this flustered over a trip to London?

Who knows?!

But back to the topic. On sunday I was walking around around the reservoir (12km). And I took some… well… a lot of photos. And I really like them, but I am unsure about their quality so if you would leave me some feedback that would be wonderful.


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