Day 182: Botanik Garden


Good Evening,

How do you do?

A few weeks ago I went to the botanic garden. I know I already have shown you pitures from there, but in spring it is something totally different. Everything is full of tulips and it just looks beautiful. I also have been to Frankfurt a few weeks ago (just for three days) and I was super excited to go. I took my camera with me to make photos and when I got there I looked around and my first thought was:

“Gosh this is ugly!”

I don’t know if I have been in the wrong parts of Frankfurt or maybe I just didn’t know where to go, but I personally felt let down. Everywhere you went there where just hotel, restaurants, bars, cafes. The only thing that looked how I expected it to look was St. Pauls Church the most important building in german history (At least in my opinion).

I will be visiting Cuxhaven again this year and make sur to take lots of photos for you guys, but I will show them to you after I have come back. So in the meantime I will show you photos from our walk at “Grube 7”. But for now let me show you the photos from the botanic garden.

Until next time.

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